Colorado Sales/Use Tax - Hospitality (3 CPE Credits)

This is an advanced class for current or previous business owners in the hospitality industry, tax professionals who prepare and consult with those in this industry, and anyone else interested in learning more about this topic. It is recommended that you have basic sales/use tax knowledge or have attended the Sales/Use Tax Class - Part I, which covers the applicability of sales tax rates on Colorado sales transactions. Topics covered in this class include legislation changes affecting this industry, use tax liabilities, taxable/non-taxable purchases/sales, remitting sales tax, expectations with sales occurring in home-rule cities, and available resources and online services.

Note – The “live” class is available via request only. Groups of 15 or more can submit a request for this class by going to the “Workshops and Education” link at The class content is available to
view in PDF format and also available online with CPE credit. Details and
links to the information can be found on the “Workshops and Education” Web page previously mentioned.

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